10th April 2022


AIGC was honored to host AspenTech – Aramco training event “ Advanced Aspen PIMS training”  in the period of (10th to 12th of April), (15th to 17th) & (22nd to 24th)of May at AIGC head office in Alkohbar.

AIGC was honored to host AspenTech training event “ Advanced Aspen PIMS “ for Aramco trainees. AIGC provided full modern equipped conference room with one of the best view in Khobar for this event.

Aspen Technology, Inc. (AspenTech) is a global leader in industrial optimization software, with over 1700 employees and more than 30 locations worldwide. They provide solutions to help companies maximize their business performance while achieving sustainability goals.

Aspen PIMS is a scalable planning system that helps companies optimize feedstock selection, product slate, plant design, and operational execution. The training helps to learn how Aspen PIMS family can enable you to make fast, accurate, and profitable decisions about plant operations and much more.