In today’s market scenario, characterized by technology’s ephemeral nature, a business must invest in system integration solutions. Using a distinctive mix of custom solutions and unmatched technical expertise, our subject matter experts help you reach challenging business targets. We assist and merge multi-complex systems, both within the organization and with external partners. At AIGC, we build tailor-made applications and solutions to befit the requirement of your business. Based on the condition, we customize the application and integrate the same with an existing one.

With our system integration, you can track raw material levels and allow customers to keep track of finished goods inventory. It will enable a complete view of the company position at a glance in a dashboard-style in real-time. All technologies implemented to save time can lead to more manual data syncing unless the system integration is complete and offers a holistic view of the business. Our System Integration brings the entire supply chain together.


Data without context can be overwhelming and useless at times. The data collected is used to provide a broader understanding of specific information pieces and place them in a larger picture. It is possible to analyze and understand the data and make actionable decisions only by syncing all the data. AIGC offers both onsite and offshore methodologies of services to help clients to optimize and reduce their investments. Our Service-Oriented Architectures (SOAs) help organizations streamline processes and adapt to changing needs and competition. This, in turn, helps you from losing efficiency, productivity, and opportunity.

What we offer

We are specialized in integration of Manufacturing Operations Management(MOM), Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), IoT systems, Digital Twin, Industrial Mobility Solutions and Smart City Solutions. Our integration process includes:

Selecting technologies for the client needs and developing cost benefit analysis

Based on the architecture design, its physical equivalent is developed. It is the longest and most challenging phase and requires great precision. Connecting various independent systems into one while ensuring a regular data flow without losing valuable data can be challenging.

To check the whole system behavior as per the defined requirements. We ensure that all software module dependencies are functioning correctly, and the data integrity is preserved. We test various aspects of a software product, and the types of testing that are performed under this methodology of software testing are numerous.

Our service integration and management offer enhanced user experience with seamless integration, supplier co-ordination and collaboration, robust governance, and effective leadership. With years of expertise in consulting and building integration in an automated environment, our framework forms the basis of streamlining and integrating multiple workstreams.

We integrate and consolidate data across multiple sites to improve scheduling, production, deliveries, and more. Connected devices have infiltrated every aspect of our lives, even the most traditional industry sectors.

Our team offers inspirational, innovative, and remarkable ideas that create inevitable products. Our products work better for improving the performance of the industrial system design and enhancing the user experience.

Case Studies

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System Integration Services paved the floor to bring data from 14 affiliates to a centralized command center

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