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Today’s mining industry in more sophisticated with more significant pieces of equipment. The mining sector is slowly reshaping and rapidly evolving with machine learning and artificial intelligence. Mining is about producing commodities faster and cheaper. Using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and autonomous equipment to improve productivity and efficiency immensely helps this sector. It’s become a real game-changer for countless industries, including major players in the mining industry. Success in the mining industry increasingly depends on changing the way it does business. A better understanding of how technology can ensure resources are used optimally along with safer and more productive operations. Automation and use of AI and Machine Learning can significantly help save costs, increase efficiency, and have tons of other benefits for companies, completely changing from the traditional way. Autonomous and smart pieces of equipment are changing the industry. AI is enabling mining companies to become insight driven enterprises that utilize data to derive critical benefits.


Today, mining leaders are looking to the suite of advanced technologies related to artificial intelligence (AI), such as machine learning to accomplish tasks, make decisions, create engaging interactions, and generate more substantial business outcomes. These partnerships are increasingly critical to ensuring technology enhances its core values and capacities while remaining flexible and cost-effective. The mining sector can gain immensely from these advanced technologies in improving operational efficiency and reducing costs.

The mining sector’s challenges starting from scarce resources, changing demographics of volatile commodity prices are ongoing. In some areas, resources become deficient or depleted, pushing companies to new frontiers of exploration. With mines getting more profound, the risk of collapse has increased. With a rise in surface temperatures, the temperature of a mine is more likely to fluctuate. Companies find it

challenging to plan income and expenditure because of unpredictable commodity prices. With the rise in global warming, miners are now looking for green mining options by reducing their carbon footprints. Additionally, low-grade ore, longer haul distances, stalled capital projects, squeeze on cash flow, and pressure on profitability leaves the mining sector looking at ways to overcome barriers and stay competitive.The mining sector, from a people-oriented operation shifts to a process-oriented one with artificial intelligence, McKinsey estimates that by 2035, the age of smart mining achieved through autonomous mining using data analysis and digital technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) will save between $290 billion and $390 billion annually for mineral raw materials producers. Some of the additional benefits of AI in the mining sector are faster decisions with greater accuracy, improved health and safety, increasing efficiency through error elimination, and reduced carbon footprint.


The mining sector requires more and more investments in various artificial intelligence technologies for effective and efficient operations. The use of digital technologies, analytics, automation, and process re-engineering to tap the potential for productivity improvement will be the future of mining.

AIGC partners with mining enterprises to leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning, and digital technology. AI-driven automation enhances digital control systems to boost reliability and accuracy at mining sites. Remote sensing data is practiced for rock-face identification, soil classification, and drone-based monitoring to predict potential ores’ locations and monitor environmental changes and predict erosion, wildlife habitats, topsoil redistribution, and vegetation. We also combine robotic automation and industrial IoT to manage autonomous drilling systems and hauling fleets. AI and robotics can simplify the complex mining tasks of extraction and processing while allowing operators to control a remote location drill without entering hazardous areas. The transformation that AI can bring in the mining industry is immense. Our mining experts conduct workshops to define future operation mode and assist with digital mining assessments to improve asset management.

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The digital economy is breaking down old industry boundaries. The solutions to geological uncertainty, market volatility, and operational risks can be mitigated with digital technologies in the mining sector. We leverage our technological capabilities around cognitive intelligence, big data, analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), and process re-design to ensure productivity improvement and seamless IT-OT integration. This digital evolution creates the opportunity for mining companies to change the business model by improving customer service and customization, reducing costs, improving safety, and creating new business opportunities

AIGC recognizes that technology will drive the next wave of productivity gains in mining. Creating a digital transformation will increase the productivity and performance of the industry. We provide end-to-end digital solutions with our digital consulting services, comprising digital strategy consulting, digital architecture designing, and transformation roadmap development. Using emerging technologies, we provide insights into the business, we support companies to innovate and function to become more competitive. To enable competitive advantage and generate growth, we set strategies in motion for clients that unify business and technology architectures. Once we identify the critical business imperatives, we map out initiatives, using information from the data platforms to achieve them.

Significant opportunities are being created by new digital transformation to stay competitive and relevant in business today. Digital Transformation offers new ways to reinvent processes with data, analytics, APIs, machine learning, and other technologies. This results in lowering costs, reducing cycle times, or increasing quality. Adopting technology in process transformation can create significant value. It transforms traditional business models with digital technologies. Today it is easier to convert the plants and factories to smart industries, where no human needs to travel to hazardous locations.

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Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics is the real game-changer for countless mining industries. The traditional methods are not sufficient and can result in loss, which can impact nearly every other sector as it provides the raw materials for virtually all other aspects of the economy. Smart mining organizations prioritize their investments and reduce expenses while maintaining productivity and improving health, safety, and environmental balance using AIGC mining insights.

For achieving progress in this digital era, ‘data’ has become a significant critical asset to an organization today who want to build their transformation models. Be it for improving performance or productivity, AI and Analytics will be the core DNA around which companies need to develop their transformation model. By harnessing the power of analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence (AI), organizations can quickly find a correlation within volumes of data gathered and make informed decisions that can be used across the entire organization.

However, it’s critical to implement the best mix of strategy and technology to balance speed, cost, and quality in delivering any measurable business value. As observed by McKinsey, ’50 % of companies that rely heavily on data, embrace AI over the next five to seven years, and have the potential to double their cash flow. By extracting hidden patterns from data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are playing a critical role in building intelligence. They help make informed decisions, facilitate in reducing human interventions, and lead to enhanced operational efficiencies.

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The mining sector is pivotal to the world’s economy and is the life-line supporting supply for hundreds of varying industries across the globe. The statistics prove Asset Performance Management(APM) routinely and delivers a 30% increase in asset utilization and extended equipment life, as well as a 30% reduction in operations and maintenance costs. The digital transformation of assets has helped bolster workers’ productivity, reduce waste, and ensure a safe working environment. Mine digitalization is acquiring popularity as a cost-efficient solution for stakeholders. The mining industry is highly asset-intensive and faces significant challenges in maintaining its declining critical infrastructures and workforce. To help increase equipment reliability and improve operational efficiencies, companies increasingly are turning to Smart Asset Management.

The mining industry is embracing new digital transformations in the field of asset performance management solutions. Enabled by analytics and robotics companies engaging in monitoring, predictive forecasting, and reliability-centered maintenance. AIGC’s digital APM offering combines connectivity, data capture, integration, visualization, and analytics for the explicit purpose of remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, and real-time operator intelligence. Our (APM) solutions and services provide implementation and integration of systems such as planning and scheduling, mobility, analytics, and asset life cycle management.

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The mining industry embraces mobile technology for innovative solutions to productivity improvements. A paper by the world economic forum on digital transformation in the mining industry estimates that ~22,000 injuries will be avoided using connected, intelligent devices from 2016 – 2025. The advantages range from better integration of functions across the enterprise, creating a more responsive organization, operating, monitoring, and managing remote sites with lowered risk. A mobile-savvy workforce wants to use mobile technologies to improve efficiency and productivity. Digital Workforce Mobility helps access information anytime, anywhere, regardless of where they are, virtual collaboration within and outside the organization, lower risk to employees, meet regulatory requirements, address cost savings, and improve productivity. Key technologies in this space include remote operations centers, equipping the mining workforce with connected, intelligent wearables and mobile devices such as tablets, wearable glasses, and watches, mine management can benefit from on-demand access to critical information real-time. AIGC is a mobile operations platform that offers efficiency, control, and predictability in yard operations. Remote operations are paving the way to a safer and more productive future for mining.

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Drones are becoming an integral tool in the transformation, replacing manual inspections in the most hazardous areas and collecting critical information, while drastically reducing the time and manpower required. Drones streamlines operations, increases efficiency, and offer immediate, easy access to the data needed without loading and transporting the drones. Automated drone applications in mining can receive the data they require for various functions across the mine, without the operational complexity and overhead. Over time, the mining industry has adapted innovations and turned them to their benefits. The emergence of Robotics or Drones has proven to be a uniquely versatile and cost-effective development for the industry since it can initiate, conduct, and complete a wide range of mining-focused missions entirely without human intervention, including take-off and landing, and data processing.

With the recent advancement of edge computing and connectivity, drones/ aerial robots with AI-on-the-edge capability can perform analytics in-situ and autonomous operations. In hardly accessible uninhabited areas, industrial drones perform tasks such as the inspection of elevated equipment, visual recognition as they have specific features and a piece of special equipment or payload.

Drones will be capable of shortening supply chains and changing your ability to monitor, track, and manage your mining business’s critical aspects that are time-critical in remote places. Most mining companies have the advantage of operating in remote regions where drones are not threats to high-density populations. Their 24/7 versatility and efficiency have also led to drones’ dedication to numerous crucial everyday purposes.

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Digitization enables a full, broad picture of the pit-to-port supply chain. Supply chain management can help interpret the data to plan, schedule, and optimize operations to maximize profit by providing a holistic view of the entire process. Integrating supply chains can mean improving efficiency by as much as 20 percent. Digitization enables the industry to rethink how they would run an end-to-end mining business as data collected can be analyzed to identify production issues, manage inventory and quality, track production and asset performance, and understand the costs. AIGC solution streamlines demand chain planning, inventory tracking, quality management, and capacity simulation, among other capabilities. Besides the need to adapt, supply chains also can reach the next horizon of operational effectiveness. The pressure to reduce carbon emissions and traffic regulations for socioeconomic reasons add to logistics’ challenges. Changing demographics are also leading to reduced labor availability and increasing ergonomic requirements that arise as the workforce age increases. Our supply chain is designed specifically for mining clients and optimize the supply chain and help it run more efficiently.

Our capabilities include

  • Planning and optimization
  • Operations and scheduling
  • Execution and settlement
  • Reporting and Analytics.

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