Today most industries have automated many processes on a much larger scale, making industrial automation possible. Creating a digital transformation will increase the productivity and performance of the industry. We provide end-to-end digital solutions with our digital consulting services, comprising of digital strategy consulting, digital architecture designing, and transformation roadmap development.

We aim to guide you with the most complex and critical challenges. To achieve specific goals set, we build roadmaps and strategies. Our team assures to deliver exceptional value, meeting compliance requirements with an eye on data governance, security, and organizational models, while safeguarding the brand reputation.

Significant opportunities are being created by new digital transformation to stay competitive and relevant in business today. Digital Transformation offers new ways to reinvent processes with data, analytics, APIs, machine leaming, and other technologies. This results in lowering costs, reducing cycle times, or increasing quality. Adopting technology in process transformation can create significant value. It transforms traditional business models with digital technologies. Today it is easier to convert the plants and factories to smart industries, where no human needs to travel to hazardous locations.Today, new technologies redefine industries, blearing industry boundaries, and create entirely new set of non-traditional competitors. Companies are moving to become a digital solutions company from massive equipment providers. Companies drive innovation skills, digital mindsets, and agility into the corporation, while teams adop digital workflow practices and change old organizational norms.


What we offer

Going digital enables industries to track metrics and analyze the data to optimize their strategies and processes. AIGC offer the following digital consulting services:

Developing digital Front End Engineering Design (FEED) studies for brown and green field projects.

Developing digital maturity assessment after surveying existing plants, factories, and offering a transformation roadmap.

We provides a cost-benefit analysis, ROI, design basis, etc. in the feasibility study for deploying digital technologies.

We holds hands right from creating a digital system to transforming the business to newer heights.

We guide you through the entire digital transformation by establishing the strategy, structure, roadmap, controls, and governance.

With an influx of digital platforms, we assist with the agile workforce that adapts and upskills.

Large scale changes can be a hindrance in accepting the digital transformation. Thus, we assist clients’ with the conversion.

Digital Transformation provides an integrated view to generate more insights and transform these insights into new businesses opportunity.

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