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For achieving progress in this digital era, ‘data’ has become a significant critical asset to an organization today who want to build their transformation models. Be it for improving performance or productivity, AI and Analytics will be the core DNA around which companies need to develop their transformation model. By harnessing the power of analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence (AI), organizations can quickly find a correlation within volumes of data gathered and make informed decisions that can be used across the entire organization.

However, it’s critical to implement the best mix of strategy and technology with a balance of speed, cost, and quality for delivering any measurable business value. As observed by McKinsey, 50% of companies that rely heavily on data, embrace AI over the next five to seven years and have the potential to double their cashflow. By extracting hidden patterns from data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are playing a critical role in building intelligence. They help make informed decisions, facilitate in reducing human interventions, and lead to enhanced operational efficiencies. These cognitive technologies even enable organizations to break prevailing trade-offs between quality, cost, and speed by extending information technology’s power to tasks traditionally performed by humans.

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Understanding the power of data and the competitive advantage that the companies can gain through proper analysis of this primary asset of theirs, we help our clients with the set up of digital infrastructure. From drawing relations amongst the raw data or drawing inferences from the same, the companies can use these to make informed decisions. These infrastructures are constructed using a rich set of accelerators, platforms, and unique IP’s that are developed in-house. Some of our most sought after enterprise data management services encompass:

  • Data Consultancy
  • Data Acquisition and Integration
  • Data Anonymization and Masking

Only with advanced analytics can an organization be descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive. Provided that the analytics is aligned with the goals that the organization is trying to achieve. Our Data & Analytics, Strategy, and Consulting offerings help enterprises regulate analytics technology with their business strategies and vision, helping them along the digital transformation path. AIGC offers predictive analytics solutions; that is self-service in nature and use the dev-ops methodology that makes them remarkably straightforward to deploy. Through our cloud-based offerings that perform continuous monitoring of your data in your data warehouse, we also help save capital expenditures (CAPEX).

Using artificial intelligence and advanced robotics, we help clients build autonomous vehicles and robot guidance that helps execute monitoring even in areas that are incredibly vulnerable to human intervention. Our technology execution helps achieve machine vision in remote areas, but it also helps draw insights from automated image analysis. With our deep understanding of digital technologies, we help augment human intelligence with video-based AI solutions for our customers.

Using advanced machines-driven support, our AI and data analytics teams help our clients collect and synthesize large volumes of complex data and get essential outcomes from these data. The management can then utilize these outcomes for making informed decisions that can lead to operational optimization, leading to organizational growth. We intensify human expertise by assisting them with qualitative inputs gained by analyzing large volumes of data. Without machine learning, it would be unlikely to find relevance in the importance of raw data generated daily from the day to day operations.

With a deep understanding of digital technologies and the field of expertise gained from working with the leading organization worldwide, our experts dig into our deep learning capabilities and help design working models to analyze volumes of data gathered within the organization. Over time, these models, with more and more data collected and analyzed, adapt automatically, hence helping achieve more accurate data-driven analysis that benefits in better decision-making. We enable our clients to discover complex features and relationships in high-dimensional data through our deep learning capabilities, thus informing both decision systems and design structures.

Taking advantage of drastic advancements amidst digital technologies, we help design and implement natural language processing(NLP) for our clients. Designed to help improve the interaction between humans and computers, we help companies extract information from unstructured data using machines. Through NLP, we help augment RPA applications with learning language processing, both written and verbal. Not only does this aid in removing clerical bottlenecks, but NLP also helps empower experts with usable insights, including learning from data and eliminate the possibility of human errors in the process.

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Predictive Analytics on Steam Turbine for Oil & Gas Plant

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