Project management- the art of coordinating resources and directing groups to a team effort to achieve the desired objectives on time and within budget. The entire lifecycle of engineering, procurement and construction in capital projects is impacted by digital thread, digital worker, robotics & drones, insights & intelligent automation, connected construction and 3D beyond CAD. Digital enabled capital projects to require new ways of working.

With interoperability, all involved parties manage data throughout the project and share common data and standardized engineering authoring tools. This digital project concept drives standardization and acceleration of engineering processes and project management where anyone has access to data anytime/anywhere. Virtual assets are the engineering backbone that enables the timely identification of constructability and maintainability. Data handover is a continuous process avoiding engineering reconciliation and consolidation processes during commissioning. People spend less time looking for engineering and project information.


What we offer

Large projects are challenging as they are complex and technologically demanding, with pressures to deliver to schedule and budget. AIGC offers digital solutions to help move from traditional tools like spreadsheets to integrated digital platforms. We provide seamless management across the project lifecycle, including stages below:

Project Analytics – handle complex projects and keeping them on schedule and on- budget. Project managers can go beyond only capturing data and completing tasks as they are constructed using analytics with dynamic & integrated model to forecast the impact of changes, identify timing and causes of effects and quantify benefits of corrective actions.

Portfolio Management and Insights – making decisions about projects and evaluating their performance. Project portfolio management looks at various aspects like company initiatives, resource allocation, budget and communication with stakeholders to make smart decisions.

Project Delivery Processes – this integrated solution enable and support automated workflows and data-oriented approach, including spanning owner-contractor interfaces to streamline project execution.

A lack of digitization leads to information sharing delays and teams working with realities and inaccurate master data showing low-performance analytics. Team collaboration is hindered due to the overuse of paper or non-intelligent files. AIGC new digital concepts below will help to reduce engineering risk management and improve team collaboration.

Digital Twin – offer a digital copy of physical asset that lives and evolves over its lifetime using 3D models. Real-time data feeds from sensors are used for simulations to determine changes across the lifecycle.

Digital Thread – It is the integrated view of asset data woven throughout its lifecycle and across historically siloed functional perspectives. These digital threads record details for the life of a part: from design, supply chain, manufacturing, service to operating conditions it has endured and everything else in between.

Design Automation – A technology-enabled process automation to speed up design engineering. It helps reuse engineering knowledge, reduces errors and time spent on repetitive tasks.

The complexity of today’s supply chains, coupled with the increasing volatility of the Capital Project environment, is creating unprecedented challenges. Simultaneously, owners and contractors are trying to meet increasing customer demands while being nimble and flexible. AIGC digital solutions have already demonstrated value in helping solve some of the most vexing challenges facing project supply chain management.

Procurement Analytics – revealing suppliers used, price history, usage by a site, by GL code, contracts, on and off-contract purchases etc. through real-time data analysis.

Online Digital Procurement – help reduce time and costs through digitization of various process including sourcing, bidding, AML compliance, bid evaluation, selection, PO monitor, supplier management.

Track & Trace Digital Tools – accurate determination of location & other information of material and equipment, using RFID tags, readers, GPS receivers, mobile devices.

Central Digital Hub – enables seamless information sharing across fulfilment channels, offering transparency and flexible shipping options to meet project cost and schedule targets.

Combining construction 5D model with augmented-reality devices will render a mixed reality representation of each stage of construction. This will support improved project planning and scheduling, more efficient processes and serves as a basis for the implementation of automation. AIGC offers:

Digital Worker – enables field workforce to use mobile apps, analytics, smart devices, cloud and collaboration tools to provide insight, take action and produce outcomes, e.g. safety alerts/instructions using intelligent helmets.

Advanced Work Packaging – From preliminary design to construction, It allows efficient process flow of all detailed work packages (construction, engineering, and installation), e.g. system to verify labour, equipment, materials and workforce availability and facilitate right work sequence.

Construction Automation – Used to increase the efficiency of construction, e.g. automated vehicles, 3D printing; remotely operated devices to enable construction/installation in hostile locations using AI and machine learning.

Drones Survey & Inspection – increases accuracy, efficiency for planning, progress reporting, inspections, e.g. pre-construction land surveying; quality and scheduled inspection using video, sensors, drones.

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Track Project Progress with AI-Driven Change Detection

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