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Oil & Gas companies are experiencing price and demand volatility mixed with radical technological change. With the emergence of alternative energy sources and environmental concerns escalating, the oil and gas industry is turning to digital to deliver more energy options, reduce cost, and provide higher customer satisfaction.

Companies are using digitalization in concert with improved Processes and skills to squeeze more productivity from existing assets. Low oil prices have been drivers for companies to invest in analytics, deploy automation more quickly, move information technology (IT) to the cloud, and invest in big data.

With so many variables in play—volatile oil prices, shutdown efficiencies, plant maintenance, and safety regulations— we help with new ways to streamline operations and manage agility without compromising profitability.

Our digital offerings help mid-stream oil and gas, refinery operators, secondary distributors, and retailers make better decisions that generate new value and growth. In short, to achieve enterprise transformation in the competitive years ahead.Our solutions leverage the latest digital capabilities spanning everything from remote surveillance, mobile solutions, cognitive computing, pipeline inspection, to commodity trading analytics. Addressing aging assets, managing vendors, and complying with regulations requires digital disruption and choosing the right partner to get the job done.


Featured Solutions & Services from AIGC

Creating a digital transformation will increase the productivity and performance of the industry. We provide end-to-end digital solutions with our digital consulting services, comprising digital strategy consulting, digital architecture designing, and transformation roadmap development. Using emerging technologies, we provide insights into the business, we support companies to innovate and function to become more competitive. To enable competitive advantage and generate growth, we set strategies in motion for clients that unify business and technology architectures. Once we identify the critical business imperatives, we map out initiatives, using information from the data platforms to achieve them.

Significant opportunities are being created by new digital transformation to stay competitive and relevant in business today. Digital Transformation offers new ways to reinvent processes with data, analytics, APIs, machine learning, and other technologies. This results in lowering costs, reducing cycle times, or increasing quality. Adopting technology in process transformation can create significant value. It transforms traditional business models with digital technologies. Today it is easier to convert the plants and factories to smart industries, where no human needs to travel to hazardous locations.

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With challenges that include improving existing resources’ performance and the continuity of supply by identifying new resources, our big data and advanced analytics improve drill accuracy and even predict existing resources’ future performance based on available data. With volumes of data being generated for the sensors in various locations, our database management services offer safe storage for unstructured data and regular cleansing. With limitations in processing unstructured data like maintenance reports, weather reports, media reports, etc., we leverage machine power to enhance human expertise that enables better decision making. Our artificial intelligence and data analytics services also reduce the threat to human life and the environments caused during the drilling process. Even in harsh, remote locations, our AI robots can replace human intervention to detect and alert any leaks in the gas that may occur, thus improving performance and reducing costs. Our analytical services are also better resource management, optimizing resource management, and predicting increased distribution models, maximizing distributors’ revenues. We can help simplify the oil and gas industry’s complex transportation and storage planning with our AI and data analytics models.

For achieving progress in this digital era, ‘data’ has become a significant critical asset to an organization today who want to build their transformation models. Be it for improving performance or productivity, AI and Analytics will be the core DNA around which companies need to develop their transformation model. By harnessing the power of analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence (AI), organizations can quickly find a correlation within volumes of data gathered and make informed decisions that can be used across the entire organization.

However, it’s critical to implement the best mix of strategy and technology with a balance of speed, cost, and quality for delivering any measurable business value. As observed by McKinsey, ’50 % of companies that rely heavily on data, embrace AI over the next five to seven years, and have the potential to double their cash flow. By extracting hidden patterns from data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are playing a critical role in building intelligence. They help make informed decisions, facilitate in reducing human interventions, and lead to enhanced operational efficiencies.

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As an industry, the Oil & Gas industry is traditionally an asset-intensive industry and faces significant challenges, not just with the aging of critical infrastructures, but also in maintaining its reliability. Being essential in nature to the oil and gas industry, companies are now increasingly turning towards Smart Asset Management. Our Asset Performance Management (APM) solutions are designed to increase equipment reliability and improve operational efficiencies.

AIGC Asset Performance Management (APM) solutions and services provide implementation and integration of systems such as planning and scheduling, mobility, analytics, and asset life cycle management. From condition monitoring, predictive forecasting, and reliability-centered maintenance, all these services are enabled by analytics and robotics. With robots continually tracking assets’ performance and alerting immediately in case of any anomalies, the firms are likely to enjoy higher margins from lower repair, maintenance costs, reduced downtime of help, and fewer critical breakdowns.

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The Digital Workforce Mobility transforms organizations through- Human-Centered Design. Smart plant operators are enabled by advancements in technologies, including mobile devices, radio-frequency identification (RFID), wearables, analytics, and automated systems to more effectively execute their work. The portable digital workforce platform offers efficiency, control, and predictability built into the plant operations, no matter the workforce’s size. They leverage process and technology applications that help eliminate paperwork, reduce non-productive work, create a safe work environment, automate workflows, and improve efficiencies –ultimately saving money.

For operations, the use of digital tools, wearables, and mobility-enabled solutions helps prioritize, manage, support, and automate high-frequency operator work tasks to transform field operations’ efficiency and safety. Use cases include the creation of configurable forms and checklists, and safety and field audits. For maintenance, digital technology’s workforce connectivity will transform maintenance processes in the field across the asset life-cycle. It’ll do this by using wearables and mobility-enabled solutions to manage and execute tasks such as work orders, in-field asset data management, and workflow improvements between workers, crews, and sites. For capital projects, the combination of workforce connectivity and digital capital projects solutions will enable companies to deliver more excellent value from projects at a higher speed. These benefits will be driven by better control, reduced time to market, minimized budget variances, and improved asset performance. Simultaneously, better management and execution of field construction and commissioning tasks will boost safety and efficiency.

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Digital intervention and automation technologies can significantly contribute to efficiency improvement and process optimization in the oil and gas industry. Industrial revolution 4.0 has helped the industry reduce costs, increase profitability & productivity. Today, the robots and drones perform tasks that were not possible earlier and have pushed uncertainties away from humans. The power of industrial robots is many times more than the leisure market ones. They can now be used not only for loading or unloading in factories but also inside pipelines and confined areas, otherwise difficult for human reach, for repairs.

With the recent advancement of edge computing and connectivity, drones/ aerial robots with AI-on-the-edge capability can perform analytics in-situ and autonomous operations. In hardly accessible uninhabited areas, industrial drones perform tasks such as the inspection of elevated equipment, visual recognition as they have specific features and a piece of special equipment or payload.

By automating the entire surveillance system to help deploy sensor-equipped robots to monitor the contaminants in the air in chemical industries, robotics and drones are slowly taking over many hazardous and challenging tasks in modern plants. By deploying drones and robots by AIGC, we can help improve efficiency and automate mundane and repetitive tasks, thereby helping increase the bottom line. From thermal inspections to the monitoring of production lines through real drones to small robots canning entire lines of pipeline and machines for cracks or minor damages, the use of robots and drones can improve the chemical’s efficiency and productivity industry significantly.

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Increasing the value of a stockholder is of paramount importance for all organizations. The oil and gas industry is no exception to this rule, and the cost of extraction of a barrel of oil ever-increasing, managing costs without compromising on efficiency has become crucial for oil and gas manufacturers.

Our Manufacturing operations management solution helps oil and gas companies optimize their operations, helping plug the gaps in the existing systems, thus improving the efficiency and optimizing the capacity to capitalize on the value earned for the stockholder. By using data captured regularly from the sensors across the entire infrastructure used for oil and gas exploration, our operation management system helps analyze, derive models based on the data obtained, and help companies realize the full potential they can achieve. With the infrastructure used for oil exploration constantly deteriorating, our operations management system allows flag any anomaly in the systems early. Our predictive design models also support better future planning and also helps maximize the utilization of all the resources available to capitalize on the gains that can be made by the business.

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With years of working with Oil and Gas clients world-over, we understand the pulse of this industry and have studied the entire supply chain network related to this industry. Supply chain optimization solutions designed specifically for our oil and gas clients enhance the already operational supply chain and help run it more efficiently. Our capabilities include:

  • Supply Chain Planning and Optimisation—with digital interventions across demand planning, product supply planning, connected hydrocarbon logistics reports, product dispatch, receipt, and storage planning, our systems capture data and analyze the same to help with supply chain planning and optimization.
  • Supply Chain Operations and Scheduling—With data models created from tonnes of data collected from the processes, our supply chain operations, and scheduling services include inventory position management, production management, terminal management, and schedule balancing. These services help optimize the inventory and storage space management, resulting in better operational expenses and optimal production resources usage.
  • Supply Chain Execution and Settlement—From detailed analytics to labor-management to even compliance, our services include digital interventions for handling multi-entity complex executions and settlements.
  • Supply Chain Reporting and Analytics—With detailed data analysis, we help you with inventory optimization, product reconciliation, P&L analysis, risk management, and more.


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