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Industrial revolution 4.0 has helped the industry reduce costs, increase profitability & productivity. Today, the robots and drones perform tasks that were not possible earlier and have pushed uncertainties away from humans. The power of industrial robots is many times more than the leisure market ones. They can now be used not only for loading or unloading in factories but also inside pipelines and confined areas, otherwise difficult for human reach, for repairs.
With the recent advancement of edge computing and connectivity, drones/ aerial robots with AI-on-the-edge capability can perform analytics in-situ and autonomous operations. In hardly accessible uninhabited areas, industrial drones perform tasks such as the inspection of smart grids, visual recognition as they have specific features and a piece of special equipment or payload.

AIGC specializes in managing the operational pain points for customers, without compromising human safety. With the robotic automation processes, we focus on improving productivity, profitability, and social safety standards, working alongside our clients. We ensure a more reliable, safer, and more efficient way of accomplishing tasks, including
robotic crawler aerial drones. We assist our clients with the most reliable operations, along with working around any obsolete and high-priced jobs in daily operations.


We are Specialized in

Robots can be configured based on the task complexity and need for the job. These come in various types like crawlers, mobile manipulators, multi-arm loaders/unloaders, etc. We offer customized robots for all our clients for several labor-intensive, dangerous, and hazardous tasks

Some of the varieties of RaaS applications are:

  • Inspection Robot
  • Manipulator Robot
  • Crawler Robot
  • Cleaning Robot
  • Security Robot
  • Delivery Robot
  • Factory Robot
  • Warehouse Robot… and a whole lot more

As a comprehensive solution, we offer clients a service software platform along with a service cloud (or on-premise) and a fleet of robots to be deployed as necessitated. This implements a long term value and goes beyond mere leasing of industrial robotic hardware.

Through the latest unconventional source of data, smart drones open-up new valuable insights that were earlier either very expensive or impracticable to collect traditionally.

Today, our drones come with edge-computing capability, advanced sensors, and payloads (i.e., Visual and thermal cameras) and provide a better picture during inspection or monitoring operation. We also offer customized drone-based applications for the clients required for some of the most challenging tasks that require humans to work-at-heights. These drones can also accommodate autonomous auto-scheduled data capture tasks.

DaaS applications may include and not limited to the following:

  • Drone for Electric Power Grid Inspection
  • Drone for Earth Works & Construction Monitoring
  • Drone for O&G Plant Inspection, Measurement & Scanning
  • Drones for Gas Detection & Emission Monitoring
  • Drone for Mining Surveys
  • Drone for Renewable Energy Inspection (solar, wind)
  • Drone for Security & Surveillance (border, coastal, facility, perimeter)
  • Drone for Civil Infrastructure Inspection (bridge, dam, road)
  • Drone for Agriculture (spray, survey)
  • Drone for Logistics & Delivery
  • Drone for Maritime Inspection (ship, FPSO)

The drones-as-a-service solution is growing to be an integral tool in transforming industries, replacing manual inspections in the most hazardous areas and collecting critical information, while drastically reducing the time and manpower required. Drones streamlines operations, increases efficiency, and offer immediate, easy access to the required data, all without loading and transporting the drones from place to place.

AIGC’s drone-based solutions will be able to compress supply chains, transform your ability to monitor, track and manage the critical aspects of your operations that are time-critical and, in most cases, inaccessible, to ultimately provide a competitive edge to your business.

Case Studies

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Nationwide Electricity Smart Grid Inspection via Drones

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Gas Leak Scanning at a large O&G Refinery Plant – with Drones

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