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In the current industrial scenario, refiners and chemical manufacturers can no longer rely only on off-line analysis to enjoy a competitive advantage. Today’s economic climate demands faster timelines concerning the quality of decision making in plant operations. While plant managers, over the ages, have always prioritized operational monitoring performance, technology limitations have usually prevented continual success. Today, this is being overcome using online performance monitoring technology and various tools they provide to achieve optimal plant performance and reliability.

Online Performance Monitoring, by definition, is the process of measuring the performance of existing operating assets, understanding the deviation from the targeted account, and quantifying the impact of performance degradation.

In general, there are two types of performance monitoring employed in the industry. These are trend type monitoring and model-based performance monitoring. The most straightforward of the two, the trend type monitoring, relies on detailed calculations based on plant historians’ variables. On the other hand, the model-based Performance Monitoring is comparing actual plant performance versus a model or a correlation. The data gathered is then used to quantify the impact of implementing process changes on the overall plant performance.

AIGC process modeling and optimization provides a group of applications for reconciliation and real time optimization of refining, petrochemical, and gas processing industries. The results provided are based on current


economic and process conditions, giving operators and engineers the ability and confidence to make informed decisions because the models accurately reflect process behavior.

AIGC process optimization solution integrates heat and material balance rigorous simulation, data reconciliation, gross error detection, economic optimization, and performance monitoring into a single user environment. Its online modeling and optimization capabilities utilize industry-proven thermodynamic methods and data to generate highly accurate operating information, enabling controls systems and processes to react quickly and precisely to changes in feed and product pricing, energy costs, and equipment performance.

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AIGC data reconciliation and production accounting address the pressing issue of unaccounted losses for refineries, petrochemical plants, and other processing facilities. This solution improves efficiency with data reconciliation by finding errors in raw plant data and closing the mass balance and production accounting. Doing so helps the plant account better for feedstock and products, as material tracking and product yield tracking accounts for inventory and pinpoints losses.

AIGC production planning system helps companies optimize feedstock selection, product slate, plant design, and operational execution. It improves quality, robustness, and speed in your Linear programming (LP) model development and hence production planning, enabling profitable decisions about plant operations and much more.

On the other front, the AIGC scheduling system increase refinery margins and throughput by making your schedule match the proper operational constraints. It is fully integrated with planning models, which reduces the gap between Plan vs. Schedule vs. Actual. It improves collaboration and operational stability, resulting in up to 25 cents per barrel margin uplift and reduces product quality giveaway in blending.

Real-Time Optimization (RTO) and Dynamic Optimization applications can trade-off yield, recovery, and efficiency among disparate pieces of equipment. RTO technology is an approach to optimize individual units or all the units together. Successful deployment of RTO technology can help in optimizing critical process operating variables by shifting unit margin towards the optimum and driving the plant toward a more profitable operating regime, bringing substantial benefits.

AIGC offers Automated Rigorous Performance Monitoring as a complete, modern online performance monitoring solution. It uses real-time plant data and employs rigorous engineering models to extract equipment and process consistent, comprehensive, timely, and trustworthy information. It fully integrates rigorous data reconciliation and validation capabilities to provide gross error detection, elimination, and model-calculated replacements for erroneous data points.

The Automated Rigorous Performance Monitoring’s real-time system (RTS) provides convenient graphical scheduling and automation of all performance monitoring and reporting tasks. RTS allows you to easily define complex event sequences for automated performance monitoring daily, weekly, or at any preset interval. Conditional branching within RTS allows operator oversight and attention to highlighted events by relaying messages directly to the appropriate individuals. Manual operation is always available when desired.

AIGC flexibility and powerful optimization methods provide the best approach to optimizing energy sourcing, distribution, and facilities configuration. When things change, utility optimization finds the best solution to meet energy demand by operating the optimal specifications while respecting plant constraints and maximizing profit.

Correct utility optimization requires the capability of switching in and out energy-supplying units depending on the current economics, process equilibrium, and underlying non-linear process optimality. We satisfy this requirement by evaluating multiple fuel options while performing the optimization, investigating different equipment configurations that will meet steam balance and demand requirements while minimizing costs, and assessing the economic impact of using other power sources (gas turbine and/or power grid).

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