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The Oil & Gas, Chemical and Manufacturing industries use specific digital applications for Lean Manufacturing to streamline and execute their operations known as Manufacturing Execution System (MES). These applications enable companies to optimize plant operations right from raw material procurement to product shipment and also help in eliminating non-value-added processes. However, most of these applications are utilized in silos and are not integrated. This makes them less efficient and requires manual intervention to execute various operations.

Manufacturing operations management (MOM) or Integrated Refinery Information System (IRIS) offer complete visibility, control and manufacturing optimization – from order placing, production inception, and process control to product output. It enables the operational business processes and utilize Commercial-Of-The-Shelf (COTS) software technologies. It involves continuous improvement of inventory, production, quality control, maintenance, and staffing around strategic objectives such as cost reduction, product innovation, sustainability, quality, and regulatory compliance.

The key benefits of MOM is to enhance and integrate a refinery, gas plant or a chemical business processes through: (i) Automation, standardization and integration of work to streamline business processes and eliminate information silos between users which will minimize wasted work and increase productivity. (ii) Providing real-time performance monitoring to all staff based on their role and responsibilities. (iii) Improving the decision making to be proactive as well as risk and economic based.

As per ISA-95 standard, MOM covers the systems and software technology that reside between the Process Control Systems layer (Level 2) and the Enterprise Resources Planning Systems (SAP & others) layer (Level 4) as shown in the figure below:


AIGC offer MOM system that is delivered by solutions that are grouped into five main categories:
Production Operations Management (POM): This covers production planning solution, simulation, production scheduling system, Data Validation and Reconciliation (DVR) for process units heat balance, process and equipment online performance monitoring and advisory and integrated operation logbook and shift handover.
Quality Operations Management (QOM): This covers quality performance analysis solutions for Labs and online process analyzers data.
Inventory Operations Management (IOM): This includes movement order management systems and blending movement automation.
Reliability and Integrity Management (RIM): This includes asset lifecycle reliability and integrity management systems, on-line fault and abnormalities detection, root cause analysis system and machinery diagnostics using data analytics systems and 3D Asset Visualization.
Regulatory Compliance Management (RCM): This includes process safety and operational risk management system, environmental compliance monitoring and reporting system and predictive emissions monitoring system.

The design of MOM will make use of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) style in order for the MOM architecture to be independent of vendor and software technologies. To achieve this, MOM will use proven COTS Manufacturing Middleware Bus technology for integration.

What we offer

By taking up our MOM services, some of the advantages our customers enjoy are below:

Through the data collected from various brown and green projects in factories and plants, we help develop MOM Pre-FEED and FEED studies and design basis.

By getting a more in-depth understanding of our customer’s needs upfront, our skilled technology and domain experts help identify the best technology available in the market after evaluating various technologies to match our customer’s needs.

Given our expertise with digital solutions and the experience gained by working on various MOM projects with leading organizations across the globe, we specialize in different MOM solutions integrations

We help our customers, based on their needs and requirements, develop and configure all types of solutions related to MOM, thanks to our experts’ in-depth knowledge at AIGC in implementing MOM with various global leaders.

Case Studies

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Manufacturing Operations Management deployment on a brown refinery

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