A chemical company deployed inferential Melt Flow Index and Density Analyzers

Braskem, a Brazilian petrochemical company and the largest petrochemical company in Latin America, had some quality parameters defined by the polymers’ physical and chemical properties (e.g., Melt Flow Index and Density). The company experienced frequent product outside specifications due to lab analysis of quality issues or lab sampling issues. This resulted in production loss and impacted its financial return.

The company worked with one of AIGC partner in deploying virtual (inferential) Melt Flow Index and density analyzers. In the final stages of the project, an operation test was conducted in which the operator used only the inferential results without the lab results to keep the product inside specification. They obtained excellent results and could see great value in supporting the panel operator in decision making, aiming to produce more stable lots and less off-spec.

  • Results in real-time
  • Agility in decision making and improvement in process control
  • Reduction of off-spec production
  • Possibility to change laboratory analysis routine and frequency

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