APM monitors power plants assets across an integrated power company in India

One of the largest integrated power companies in India with a significant international presence. The company has an installed generation capacity of 8,750 MW in India, with another 9,100 MW under development. Also it has a presence in all segments of the power sector including generation (thermal, hydro, solar and wind), transmission, distribution and trading.

In 2014, the utility created a plan to implement a fleet-wide monitoring and diagnostics program to continuously monitor the health and performance of critical power plant assets across all the plants.

After evaluating several options, they decide to have a web-based application to manage alerts, quickly retrain models and analyze and trend model results by using a Predictive Analytics Solution as the key tool for their remote monitoring and diagnostics center.

● The utility has already experienced several initial operational and maintenance improvements and has been able to manage risk, mitigate damage and identify and correct asset performance problems continuously and in real time.
● Improved the maintenance planning
● The predictive analytics software has enabled personnel to spend less time manually collecting and analyzing data, allowing engineers and specialists to perform higher value tasks and creating more time to be proactive.
● After the Predictive Analytics solution has been configured, so that alerts and relevant reports are sent to the right people at the right time, enabling information sharing between various stakeholders before a decision is made.

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