Cyber Security Vulnerability Assessment Reduces Risks to Gas Pipeline Operation

The gas pipelines are equipped with safety devices, and in most cases, they are manually operated as per federal requirements. These are dependent on communications infrastructures, digital technologies, and people to safely transport the energy product to the end-user. The central control center is continuously monitored, at various points, for flow rates and pressures. The latest digital technology is used to maintain the gas at or above the minimum pressure required by their gas compression. The challenges are to ensure adequate cybersecurity. Inadequate security and process control can initiate a loss of system control, resulting in negative consequences. The need to better manage networks and data access was felt due to an operational incident focusing on the cybersecurity market.

The client needed our support to assess and remedy the cybersecurity vulnerabilities in their gas distribution pipelines and equipment. Our solution is designed to determine the core factors of cybersecurity. We check the awareness and training of the staff to ensure they are equipped to handle the programs. We monitor the safety and security of the technology used. With multiple interconnected pieces of equipment and programs, we take an inventory of all cyber assets, including servers, network switches, terminals, PLCs & controllers, wireless transmitters & receivers, and most importantly, mobile devices on the network. Post the complete assessment, our team documented the vulnerabilities in all dimensions with the associated cybersecurity threats and provided a plan to alleviate risks.

Thanks to our cybersecurity vulnerability assessment solutions, our natural gas pipeline partners can increase their uptime and see a boost in the security and reliability of their natural gas distribution pipeline network. Using data gathered from various sensors and monitors set across the entire pipeline network, we helped our partner identify critical gaps within their pipeline network. Empowering our partners with information drawn from the data gathered from their network, we also helped them develop, implement, and manage a comprehensive information security program. Thus, providing them with the protection of information plus systems and helping them stay within applicable regulations. With our solutions, we helped gas company personnel stay alert for potential cybersecurity threats, qualifying them to take immediate and appropriate action in case of any risks. Through our services, we helped our gas pipeline partners offer an uninterrupted supply of gas through their entire service network of residential and commercial customers.

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