Mobile Operator Rounds assisting with Plant operational excellence

As plants, located close to inhabited areas, it becomes a priority to focus on safety and reliability at all times. Some inspections are not carried out from the exact location, thus limiting the accuracy of the observations. Efficiency and reliability during a review by a human operator can sometimes miss the detection of critical indicators. Some of which the automatic instruments also do not usually detect effectively. Sometimes certain specific factors such as noise, vibrations, or the presence of dirt or small internal leaks are not efficiently measured or detected by automatic instruments. Anticipating any potentially damaging situations and limit production downtimes to scheduled maintenance only. The expertise of the field operators and their time can be used for more productive work.

The Mobile Operator Rounds enables the plants to visually inspect types of equipment covering over 90% ground. It was difficult for Field operators (using paper forms) for reporting during their rounds. The paper reports then had to be transferred manually, increasing the amount of time required to obtain useful data. The handheld devices’ intuitive nature enables the mobile operators to perform to full optimization and follow the standardized procedure. The mobile operators identify potential problems that were previously neglected, avoiding the need for any emergency intervention.

This solution can replace paper-based processes with digital solutions and field classified mobile solutions that can access plant data, process data, material data, GPS, alarms, notifications, and other systems. Mobile Operator Rounds installed on a handheld device are simple and intuitive, allowing operators to concentrate more on their traditional tasks and prevent errors. It also enables on-site operators to input information and receives support at any plant location without a physical connection. It can be integrated perfectly with the other innovations added to the equipment. Mobile operators’ use increases on-site operators’ sense of responsibility, as they feel more involved in ensuring that the entire plant is run correctly and adequately.

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