Operator rounds eliminated paperwork in a decent manufacturing plant

A greenfield manufacturing plant wanted data collection from shop-floor and batch records automation to eliminate human intervention.

The digital team managed to integrate the digital production systems and historians to enable automatic review of every batch record in real-time, without the need for human oversight. They also totally automated data collection from equipment and entirely digitized every process and record (HMI, touchscreens, mobile devices) at the shop floor to become almost 100% paperless. They also replaced all operating procedures with electronic work instructions that are accessible through laptops and tablets via hyperlink or QR codes.

● >99% of all records require no human review
● Eliminated human errors
● Batch cycle time reduced by >60%
● Headcount declined due to increased efficiency
● >500K pages of paper saved each year
● Reduced 70% of training time for operators
● Improved compliance where the correct information and version is always available on multiple devices

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