Smart Work Permit changed the culture and yielded positive results

One of AIGC experts was part of a team that deployed Smart Work Permit for an Oil Processing Facility at an Oil and Gas company. The company operators and maintenance workers used to fill paper-based work permits with verbal safety measures verification with some checklist for some of them. The company used to suffer from a high number of incidents due to violations of the preset work permit procedures.

A Smart Work Permit (SWP) integrated solution was deployed across the oil processing facility covering 600+ workers. The SWP relies more on interlocks and checkpoints to ensure that the right steps take place in the correct sequence and at the right place.
Once the operator who is the work permit initiator kick start an SWP, the 1st interlock will be enabled to ensure that he is issuing the permit at the job site and not at his office. The operator has to scan the associated equipment Bar-code via RFID scanner in the field mobility device to ensure that he is at the job site.
Other interlocks that will be activated to ensure safe permit includes conducting Joint Site Inspection by the issuer and receiver at the work location to understand the work and identify any field hazards, conducting Gas Testing as well as validating issuer and receiver permit certificates.

The SWP resulted in a significant reduction in the work permit violations and hence eliminated most of the incidents. It also resulted in a considerable saving on the time it usually takes to prepare facilities for maintenance jobs.

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