Streamline the LNG trade with the blockchain-based trading platform

One of the biggest challenges with the natural gas sector has been the commodity flow management. This process is riddled with extensive manual and paper-based transactions, resulting in high operational costs. Hand-operated techniques that include demand creation, trade confirmation, shipment creation, bunkering, invoice generation, and settlement could lead to inefficiencies and the loss of time and effort. This challenge is dramatically multiplied as one enters more downstream logistics-heavy markets.

Built-in collaboration with a leading international energy company, this platform utilizes a consortium model. This trading platform, supported by blockchain, streamlines the LNG trade process proving greater efficiency, transparency, and security. While implementing blockchain technology, we provide strategic advisory and consulting services. Our solution ensures that our clients lead the market for the low-carbon modern supply of alternative fuels and decentralized energy solutions. This platform automates the smart contract with lesser manual interventions. The platform entails multiple peer-to-peer trading cycle participants. It authorizes order and supply placement, delivering goods, validating the state of goods, and bill settlements.

As a result of this implementation, commodity flow management is simplified. It improves market efficiencies while saving costs by helping to transform the trading market space. This platform helps streamline trade by driving visibility, transparency, and trust. It reduces turnaround time, effort, inefficiencies, and in turn, enables scalability. This blockchain-based platform has reindustrialized trading by reducing friction, improving process efficiency, and simplifying business processes.

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