Successful Move of Barcelona, Spain to be a Smart City

Barcelona, Spain, the Government wanted to build a control platform managed by the city to receive and transmit information to optimize energy use and water supply to meet public demand.

The unified central control platform was built, and it monitors the smart city’s operations – city workers can do this for multiple public functions from a single control room – and ensures efficient resource management via a distributed network of sensors across the city and via smartphones and tablets by teams on the ground.

Today, the city can optimize energy use and water supply to meet public demand. It can also intelligently adapt irrigation based on weather conditions and flora’s needs in the city’s green spaces and control this remotely. As well as delivering more for less, Barcelona’s smart city developments demonstrate the city’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Over time, infrastructure managers will continue to build on these benefits and more via access to real-time, critical data for better, faster, and more efficient decision-making. They will manage the city’s water, including waste-water, transportation; landfill; fleet; environmental; and renewable power systems around the clock.

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