System Integration Services paved the floor to bring data from 14 affiliates to a centralized command center

A corporate Oil and Gas refinery company was facing a lot of difficulties of collecting the accurate information from 14 different affiliates each has different control systems, application, sensors, and network. Distance, processes, and environment were also a big challenging issue to reach all the affiliates and collect the required information on the right time to allow and support the management in their decisions.

By analyzing the client requirements and specifications, the System Integrator utilizing a unified platform that helped to integrated spectrum of solutions to exchange data and present them in situational awareness and KPI’s.

  • Delivering accurate and real time information.
  • Notification and alerts for any problem happening in the affiliates.
  • Supported Grid plans, optimization, demand response and asset management.
  • Enabling the management to take the right decision on time.
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership.
  • Optimization for the annual maintenance and support to be with one single company.

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